How to get the current year in JavaScript?

JavaScript is synonymous with working with Dates. And with that comes a whole host of date manipulation methods. So, with that in mind, how can you get the current year in JavaScript?

We  can get the current year in JavaScript by utilizing a native method called getFullYear().

To use it we can simply create a new Date object and invoke getFullYear on it:

const currentYear = new Date().getFullYear()
// this returns the current year

We can also get the current year according to UTC by leveraging native method getUTCFullYear().

const currentYear = new Date().getUTCFullYear()
// this returns the UTC current year

This might seem trivial but there are situations where many different timezones are interacting with each other in a web application. Getting the current UTC year allows parity across multiple timezones.

Gareth Dunne

Senior JavaScript Engineer and creator of JSdiaries. Passionate about the latest in web technologies and how it can provide value for my clients.