How to loop through a ClassList in JavaScript

When dealing with CSS class names in JavaScript you might find yourself needing to go through each class name in the same selector.

 <div id="testWrapper" class="wrapper background fading"><div>

If we looking to modify each class name we will need to loop through all instances.

So, how can you loop through a ClassList in JavaScript?

There are multiple approaches here. Firstly, we can split each class name by the blank space and convert the result to an Array:

const wrapperElement = document.getElementById('testWrapper')
const classNames = wrapperElement.className.split(' ');

This will give us each class name in an array

From here, we can loop through the class names using forEach(or any array method for that matter):

classNames.forEach(name => {

Additionally, these class names can be accessed using .classList:

const classNames = wrapperElement.classList()

This returns a DOMTokenList like so:

The DOMTokenList interface describes a set of space-separated tokens It can also be iterated through like any standard array:

classNames.forEach(name => {

And there we have it, a straightforwards way to access multiple class names in JavaScript!

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