Web Applications: Why are they valuable for your business?

Web apps

When advertising your business or promoting your product, creating and publishing a website about your brand is best practice.

A static website cannot compete with the latest web technologies. The latest web applications provide the fastest and most advanced platforms for promoting businesses or services.

But what exactly is a web app? Well, a definition from Google can help us out here.

“A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.”

Its important to note that while they are defined differently, a website and a web app are fundamentally very similar and contain many overlaps in purpose and functionality. But the technologies used in a web app are very specialised and, as a result, have features that give your business or service an advantage over a static website.

All web apps are web sites, but not all web sites are web apps. But why exactly are web apps better? This is a very common question when clients are considering spending the extra money to purchase a web application. The benefits can be clearly demonstrated to your customers, including those with little or no technical experience.


A web application can really benefit your business when it comes to handling data. This is particularly useful when you know your data will be updating regularly. Web applications allow the implementation of real-time data, resembling that seen in a real-time dashboard.

New information will automatically update on screen without having to refresh the page. This can be extremely valuable when you are trying to depict real-time information to your clients.

All changes to your content or to the external real-time data will be reflected in the interface of your web application.


Your business may only be able to take advantage of the benefits of data in web apps  if thats a focus of the service provided. However, every business or service can reap the benefits of the performance improvements that a web app can provide you.

A web app is a slick and fast experience your users. If you are demonstrating your product or service online you want to provide a platform that implements the latest of web technologies.

A web app will achieve this for you, its aims to provide the smoothest of experiences for your users without the sluggishness of navigating from page to page of a static website.

Lets use a real example here:

Hoyer Motors uses web app technologies in order to depict their business and branding.

Its an impressive design and a lot of effort has gone into it. But notice how smooth the transitions are from page to page. The visual effects seem seamless in comparison to a static website. Everything loads faster and the user experience is increasingly positive because of this.

This is very achievable platform for any business owner to have for themselves. By taking the next step up and commissioning a web application rather than a website, they are improving their branding and reputation for their product, service or niche.


Search Engine Optimization is a massive consideration of any website in order for a product or service to meet its target audience. In order to rank high in search engines the structure or markup of a website must meet certain criteria.

Now admittedly, this used to be considered a shortcoming of web applications. But the technology has now caught up to the point where any web app expert can provide the correct markup that will put your product or service in its correct rankings in search engines.

A developer with expertise in server side render will ensure your purchased web application will match what a standard website is capable of in terms of its SEO capabilities.


Web apps for your requirements?

Web Apps aim to amplify a user’s experience on the web.  If your business has a low scale website, small media content as well as users easily accessing their info/service of their interest, sticking to a responsive, traditional website can work just as well for you.

However, if your looking to increase the capabilities of the platform that you are using, to demonstrate your product and service as well as upgrading the image of professionalism that you are depicting to your clients.  I would highly recommend a web application for these purposes alone.

Web applications are the future of how users consume and interact with data and brands on the web.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if are looking to upgrade your business platform.

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